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Satisfy your taste buds with Thai meals from Melbourne’s finest

Whether you’re a Thai food fan, know someone who is, or want to know what all the fuss is about, BangPop delivers a real taste sensation. At our Melbourne based restaurant, we’ve created a hive of activity that resembles the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. From our bright and beautiful décor to the fresh food and exceptional service we provide, we have it all at BangPop.


With communal seating and staff who know all there is to know about the great dishes on offer.
You’ll be hard pressed to find a better setting with more delicious Thai meals in Melbourne.

Bangpop Melbourne logo

Opening Hours

Monday:  Midday - late
Tuesday:  Midday - late
Wednesday:  Midday - late
Thursday:  Midday - late
Friday:  Midday - even later
Saturday:  Midday - even later
Sunday:  Midday - late

Sometimes our kitchen stays open later, if you are coming to see us late, give us a call to see if we are still serving.


What are you waiting for?
Make a reservation at BangPop today! Our friendly team can’t wait to welcome you through our doors and give you a real taste of the vibrant frenzy that is Bangkok’s street scene.

12:00pm -  3:00pm

6:00pm - late

​Bar Menu
Monday -Sunday
3:00pm -  6:00pm

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